Please read all of the following before doing anything.  This will help you understand what I am suggesting.

1.  Rank the projects you like.  One teacher might rank the toolbox #1.  Another might put the games and game set first.   I think it best to have the units the teacher likes.

Most of the projects in The Parke System do not duplicate processes used in the other projects.  However, there are two exceptions.  Making the game set and the projects that go with it takes considerable time and many schools do not have that much time.   The Note Tray and Tape Dispenser units were developed to duplicate some of those processes.  The Note Tray provides mass production.  The Tape Dispenser provides the ceramic processes, permanent mold casting, molding and vulcanizing rubber and permanent mold casting.   Keep this in mind as you list your preferences.

If the game set is on you list, list the chessmen, checkers and board first.  The boxes are of no value unless you have the chessmen and chessboard.

Determine if you want the checker holder and the leather.  Some schools do not make the checkers and do not need the checker holder.   And you may elect not to use the leather insert.

2.  Alongside that list put the time to complete those units.

3.  Use the times to determine how many of the units you like you will be able to include.   Since every student is different, times are only estimates.  You need to allow for time the student will not be working.  Seems like our school used a lot of days for testing.  And there are days where the students are not able to work because of other events, such as assemblies for many different purposes, field trips by other classes, you know the story.

4. At the end of this page click on "Worksheet" and print a few copies of the worksheet.

5.  Write in the first project and the time to complete the project on the worksheet.  In the “Parke” column write in the cost for the unit.  In the other column list the standard tools you will have to purchase.  In the last column put the cost for each of those tools.

6.  For most of the units you may need extra Parke tooling, i.e. screwdriver molds.  These are specified with the prices for the unit and in the comments for that unit.  Determine the extras needed and list them in the project column and the prices in the Parke column.

7.  After you have filled in the columns for a project, add up the costs.  This will give you and idea of how much money will be needed for that unit.

8.  Continue with the other units on your list until the available money, or time, runs out.  It would be a good idea to continue in case money becomes available in the future and allow you to compare costs with other projects.

9.  Compare the different projects to see which will give you the most "Bang for the Buck" and still meet your likes.

If you need any help do not hesitate to contact me.